About the Author

ghettomanGhetto Prince, as he is commonly known, is the founder and CEO of Ghetto Theory Publishing, and is an up and coming urban author who has devoted his mind and time toward entertaining the world with his ghetto street savvy, and lacing the younger generation on the important rules that govern the games of life.

G. Prince is from California and his educational milestones do not come from a college education, but from his prior affiliation with the street life. From the early age of 14, he was caught up in the treacherous lifestyle of the dope game trying to hustle his way toward a wealthy future. This lifestyle was the beginning of a long and crazy life of criminal acts and behavior, leading him to serve many calendars within the state and federal penitentiary system. And within the cold concrete walls of hell, he stumbled across his unique gift as a writer. His previous experiences as a young street hustler allowed his talent as an urban writer to deeply captivate his audience and peers on a profound level. Basically because his unique style keeps it real and 100% ghetto.

G. Prince has written various urban novels that will be hitting the urban bookstores soon. Guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat as if it was a vicious movie being played out before your very eyes. His books are a deep reflection of the street game like never told before. He prides himself on serving it to you raw and uncut. So stay tuned, and we will keep you posted on his urban book release dates.

G. Prince has also devoted his mind to lacing and educating urban youth on the true rules of the game of life. And that’s exactly why he has established this website, so he can easily reach the urban society of males, and provide them access to the various ebooks that cater toward lacing them more thoroughly, on the game that all males should know, understand, and live by.

See, it’s a known fact that the majority of young urban males and fathers of today’s societies are either in prison, or just not around. So no one is around to lace them in the important things that they should know and live by in life. Therefore, a lot of youngsters will repeat the same mistakes the older generation of urban males have made. I lived it, saw it, and know it, and if what I know can educate and save the younger generation of urban males from enduring all of the crazy experiences that I went through in life, then I know my struggles and pains were not in vain.

Therefore, I hope that my literature is able to touch the younger generation’s minds and lace them in an understanding they need to usher in a new era of masters of the game. “From the depth of my heart and soul… I release these thoughts to you.”

Strength, Pride, and Loyalty,
G. Prince