Ghetto City PublishingWelcome to Ghetto Theory Publishing, the hottest urban publishing website that exists today. We offer a variety of urban e-books for your entertainment pleasure. All of our e-books can be downloaded on iPods, iPads, Kindles, or your home computer for your reading comfort. And as always, we take pride in entertaining you with nothing but the best ghetto street thrillers to keep your mind and thoughts captivated and deeply lost in every story that we present to you. is proud to introduce to you two of our first urban triple platinum ghetto smash hits. The first book is entitled “Ghetto Games,” it’s one of the coldest urban novels to hit the scene, and the title speaks for itself. It’s a hood classic and must-read if you like that urban gangsta shit! Click on Books in this site’s menu to link to, or you can search for our titles under urban fiction. So check them out and show a brotha’ some love.

Also, “Ghetto Games II..The Saga” will be released on very soon. Be on the lookout for this sequel.

Our second e-book that is offered on is entitled “Gangster Gorilla In The Mist…Fifty,” which is one of the most controversial books out today. It’s about a gangsta’ rapper named Fifty who gets out of prison on a serious mission to get paid, by any means necessary, and finds himself being challenged at all levels of the game. There are some serious prices and sacrifices to pay in order to receive fame and fortune.

“Gangster Gorilla In The Mist…Fifty,” And “Ghetto Games” are priced for your reading enjoyment at the low cost of $2.99, and can also be downloaded on iPods, iPads, Kindles, or your home computer. So check these out and remember to write a review on, to let me know how you enjoyed these stories, because as always we find pleasure in creating for you a mind thrilling experience.

Next we would like to present to you our first e-book released on, entitled “The Rules to the Street Game that Every Hustler Should Know.” It’s a book written to enlighten young street hustlers to certain aspects of the street game they should be aware of.

There are too many players and hustlers in the game that fall victim to ignorant and vicious lies and illusions they couldn’t see being played out before their very eyes. Scandalous betrayals are missed and overlooked because they didn’t know how to weigh circumstances from a knowledgeable point of view, costing them dearly.

So, if you’re in the game or got a brother, cousin, son, or nephew who’s caught up in the game, then this e-book is a must read! Priced at $1.99 for your reading pleasure, this book can be downloaded here on, so don’t sleep on knowledge, “Because you can’t put a real price on game that’s priceless.”

Other new releases will be coming soon so check back and leave a shout-out on our “Blog” and stay posted, as always…Keeping It Real.

The Prince of the Ghetto,
G. Prince….
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All of our urban books are works of fiction. Any references or similarities to actual events, real people, living or dead, or to real locales are fiction, and only intended to give the novel vision. Any similarity to real names, characters, places, and incidents is entirely coincidental.

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